Sandcastles And Rubbish

‘Sandcastles And Rubbish’ is the fourth publication by Sybren Vanoverberghe with APE and is a continuation of his visual research on artefacts and non ordinary sites. ‘Sandcastles And Rubbish’ puts its focus on the site of the port and the industrial landscape around it. 

In previous projects Vanoverberghe shows statues and pillars made out of stone, ruins in desolated landscapes or nature in a constant state of transformation. For ‘Sandcastles And Rubbish’ a change in materiality took place, a change wherein Vanoverberghe investigates ‘new’ artefacts of our time. Rusted and bend steel, gravel pits, sturdy and raw structures flirt with composition and elegancy. Photographic works are presented alongside artefacts or ‘objets trouvées’.

352 pgs, 23.8 x 29.5 cm, b&w + silver, softcover with plastic sleeve.

Sandcastles And RubbishSandcastles And RubbishSandcastles And Rubbish